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Cool Room Cleaning

Cool Room Cleaning

Cool Room Cleaning

Kitmark has highly trained technicians who will inspect your cool room and advise scheduled cleaning, hygiene and sanitising services which will reduce risk of food contamination, reduce energy consumption and provide a clean, food safe environment.

Our technicians will inspect the FDC and physically remove the build-up of microbiological contaminants, dust and debris, cleaning the cooling fins from both sides, cleaning the fan units, protective grills and the condensate trays to waste. It is essential that the coils and the unit are clean and free of microbiological contaminants, such as bacteria and mould that live on the cooling fins. These contaminants are easily circulated throughout the cool room causing food contamination. Regular cleaning and sanitising is essential. The Ceiling, Walls and floor will all shine once Kitmark hands back your Cool room.

We use advanced surface sanitisers with food safety approvals which target and breakdown all Biofilm and microbiological contaminants. Our surface coating product leaves a microscopic layer of antimicrobial protection on the cooling fins which will retard the growth of mould and bacteria for up to six months. Regular cleaning of your cool room FDC units will have the benefits of reduced breakdowns, increased efficiency, decreased energy consumption, and increased hygiene, healthier staff and less risk of food contamination.

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