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Mould, Bacteria, Virus & Odour Remediation

Mould, Bacteria, Virus & Odour Remediation

Mould, Bacteria, Virus & Odour Remediation

Whether you're a home-owner looking to protect the health and well-being of your family, or a property manager or owner looking to protect your residents and your investment, you would know the dangers of Mould and Bacteria to yourself and those you are responsible for.

The risks of mould... Mould in indoor environments can cause many health disorders including respiratory issues, fatigue and allergies. On a larger scale, these health concerns can contribute to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and Building Related Illness (BRI).

Kitmark Australia P/L not only offers a service to rid your environment of these Germs but we are unique in being able to prevent their return. Our service is dependent on 3 elements:

  • A) We Ozone the affected areas to kill all the Airborne Bacteria, Mould Spores etc.
  • B) We clean the affected area.
  • C) We apply our unique product on all surfaces to prevent its return.

Unlike our competitors we can guarantee our results!

Our Unique product is water based, Hyper-Allergenic, Non-leaching, No-Colour, No-Odour, and very importantly Non Mutagenic. Suitable for all:

  • Public buildings, sports facilities. Locker rooms
  • showers, basins, toilets and bidets
  • Home kitchen and laundry benches, appliancesy
  • offices
  • children’s toys, strollers, car seats, change tables
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • travel, planes, taxis, rental cars
  • Child Care/Nursing Homes/Hospital.
  • Saunas, Steam Rooms
  • Hotels, Cinemas, Gymnasiums
  • Public areas, public safety
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