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Frequently asked questions

1. How Long does Carpet take to dry after we clean.

Whilst you can walk on the carpet immediately we generally allow 2 hours for complete dry perhaps 3 if the day is Cold & Wet.

2. Will we get all the marks off the Carpet

We will endeavour to do the best job possible, generally most marks are removed however, it all depends on what caused the stain, how long it has been there and what agents have been used to try to clean it already.

3. How often should I have the Carpets Cleaned.

You should consider cleaning the Carpets Yearly, this will keep them in the best condition and as healthy for the occupants as practicable.

4. Why do my Carpets look dirty all the time.

When we get new carpets they are generally protected from dirt and grime, however, over time and with cleaning this protectant wears off and needs renewing, we advise to re-protect you carpets every 2-3 years.

5. Will my carpets be ok after a Flood.

Yes most definitely, as long as we are able to start restoring the Carpets as soon as possible and they are dried correctly and then treated.

6. Will the underlay be ok after if my Carpets get wet.

Yes again they need to be restored in a timely =fashion the underlay can easily be dried by technicians who are appropriately trained.

7. Are you able to clean my Lounge Suit it is material.

Most materials used in Upholstery are able to be cleaned. Our Technicians first establish the type of material which then determines how we need to clean it.

8. How often should I clean my lounge.

Generally you would get your lounge cleaned when it looks dirty. You can assist in this by having your Lounge protected so you can clean spills etc.

9. Why should I have my Curtains cleaned.

Your Curtains catch all the Dust and Grime that floats in the atmosphere of the home. Over time you home gets darker and darker because less light is able to penetrate the Curtains. Once cleaned you will be amazed at the amount of light and how fresh the rooms will smell when you have your curtains cleaned.