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Flood Remediation

Flood Remediation

Flood Remediation

At Kitmark Australia P/L we are fully trained at Flood Remediation. Flooded Homes/Shops/Factories & Offices can come about by many different means, broken pipes, Rain storms, leaking Roofs etc. Ultimately, whatever the cause, the results are the same. At Kitmark Australia we have the trained team, the equipment and the experience to react immediately upon your call, thus limiting the damage to you and your premises. Call us 24 hours 7 days a week with this Emergency.

It is imperative to immediate report the Flood, the quicker the action the less damage caused and the less disruption to you.

At Kitmark Australia P/L we pride ourselves in our ability to restore the premises back to its original condition, often better, in a minimum of time, and with a minimum of fuss!

Our specialty Machines extract the excess water from the flooded areas, we then dry the remaining area with Industrial blowers and Dehumidifiers, and monitor the moisture levels until we are confident the area is dry.

Kitmark Australia P/L works closely with the Major Insurance Companies with their Flood Claims.

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